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Glass Bottles Proces - leader in the anti-scuffing treatment

Glass Bottles Process has been marketing for 10 years in Europe an anti-scuffing process improving appearance of the returnable bottles. This process, perfectly mastered, has showed its industrial efficiency.

It has the double advantage of being used either in a curative (damaged bottles), or a preventive way (new bottles):

  • Curative: damaged bottles find their best appearance.
  • Preventive: new bottles double their life time.

It presents real additional advantages:

  • Unaffected production cycle.
  • Low investment / consumable cost in comparison to the bottles’ replacement cost.
  • A biodegradable food-processing product fully compatible with the washing machine and the water purification plant.
  • A response to the taxation on greenhouse gas.

Adopting our process means:

  • The economy of 50% on the new bottle expenditures.
  • A guarantee of the permanently good looking bottles.
  • An important competitive advantage over your competitors.<


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